The Company


The Company

The company was founded 1974 by Pierre Wyss and Christian Albert in a small garage in the region of Bienne. They intended to develop own products especially for watch industry.

During 1978 the company was already growing and moved to Bienne. At the same time, the staff was brought to 10 people. The range of products was also broadened to microwelding and heat-sealing machines.

1999 the company made a further step by moving into own new facilities in Orpond.


The Company has been taken over in 2008 by the Lecureux group. Since 2012, Covatec is completely integrated in it. From now the Covatec product is to be considered as a mark inside the group. Besides the development of devices for the watch industry and the electronic manufacturing, we also try hard to continue to develop the current products and to maintain our techniques at the best level.

Our machines do not only concern watch industry, but also automotive, electronic, mobile, communication and medical industries. They are still produced regionally thanks to a strong network of outsourcers.



Covatec AG • c/o Lecureux AG • CH-2503 Biel/Bienne